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Diesel Fuel Testing Kits information.

Our diesel fuel testing kits are easy to use and low cost; they can be used by anyone without any specific technical knowledge or training. They are simply a “yes” or “no” test kit used to determine the general quality of all diesel, bio-diesel and blended fuels in just 5 minutes right on the spot from any location. No special tools or expensive slow laboratory tests are needed. Remember diesel is the blood of your engine – so don’t give it a heart attack!

Price per standard test kit. USD 4.0 per unit – minimum order 10 units
Each standard kit contains 1 x crystal clear test bottle, 1 x pair gloves, 1 x water detection strip, 1 x user instructions in a zip bag.

Price per budget kit. USD 3.0 per unit – minimum order 10 units

Each budget kit contains 1 x crystal clear test bottle, instructions & 1 water detection test strip.

Price per water test strip only packaged in foil bag USD 2.0 per unit – minimum order 20 units

All above prices do not include postage – send us an email for a quote – payment by PayPal or Wire Transfer.

All materials used in the test kits are non toxic and non hazardous.

Our diesel fuel testing kits can be used to check for the following general problems:

  • Water in fuel contamination – Water in diesel can cause major problems and breakdowns for engines along with expensive repairs to injection pumps and injectors.
  • Microbial contamination – Algae and bugs can block filters and cause reliability issues. These bugs can live and grow in fuel.
  • Foreign contamination – Rust, dirt or other particles entrained in fuel can plug filters causing engines to stop resulting in downtime or serious safety issues for important diesel powered equipment like emergency generators or fire pumps.

Standard diesel testing kit PDF instructions

Diesel fuel testing kits contents

Our test kits offer a low cost non-quantitive result in just 5 minutes; they can be used as the first step in evaluating the quality of diesel fuels without the need to use expensive lab testing services.

What is it used for?
The testing kit can be used as an initial check for fuel deliveries to your tanks or equipment and for regular testing of diesel quality at the pump, filters and in tanks. Additionally it can be used in your equipment workshop or vehicle maintenance facility to uncover any possible contamination issues in your fuel. Retail service departments or field service repair shops can use the test kit as a part of a routine service charge to the customer to check that the diesel and filters are in good condition to be used. The kit can assist you in detecting any potential problems right up front. This will assist you in selling your customer filter changes, service treatments to disperse or treat contamination or undertake any other service items to remedy the problem if indicated.

How does it work?
The kit is made up of two distinct and separate parts. One part of the test will show you the clarity of the fuel in correlation to the indicator panel visual diagnosis. If your fuel is in good condition the indicators should all be visible through the bottle; if they are not you have quality issues or old fuel. Along with this part allows you to view through the crystal clear window for any signs of particle or algae microbial contamination. The other part of the test uses a special water detection chemical strip that when exposed to even the smallest amounts of water will turn from its gold color to white indicating water contamination.

How do I use it?
Access a small amount of fuel from a source i.e. tank, dispenser or filter of around 90 – 100 ml. If you access from the tank its best to test a sample from the bottom as more contamination settles there. A small amount may be drained from the filter directly into the test bottle for checking purposes. When the bottle is filled enough to cover the “PASS” indicators on the inside of the bottle you can then remove the water detection strip from its sealed bag; dust off any mica powder from the strip and insert into the bottle and install cap. Shake bottle for around 60 seconds and then allow it to rest for around 5 minutes and analyze as per the instructions.

Water in diesel detected & visual test failureGood pass results detected

What are the applications for using the diesel testing kit?
Any diesel powered equipment needs clean fuel that will burn efficiently and not cause any problems for vital engine components and filters. No matter if you have any marine, transport, automotive, generators, construction equipment or any other type of machine this kit can assist you in saving costs and downtime. Preventative maintenance is the key for engines and it all starts with the most basic item and that’s diesel fuel quality.

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